Employment Procedure

Employment procedure
  • Document screening

    New employees (assess basic capacities and experience regarding job positions)
    Experienced employees (assess professionalism and abilities to conduct jobs focusing on careers)

  • Interview screening

    New / experienced employees
    (working-level officials, including related department chiefs join and assess job fitness and capacities)

  • Finally become employed

    Successful applicants are announced and their employment is determined


When will successful applicants join the company?

We hope that successful applicants will join the company as soon as possible.

How can I know whether or not I have passed any particular screening level?

Results of each screening level will be announced through the company Internet site and successful applicants will receive telephone calls or texts individually.

What are the screening rules for each screening level?

Step-by-step screenings are executed in accordance with related policies and company rules.

Do you have a probationary period for newly-employed workers?

The probationary period of our company is three months.
During the probationary period, 70% of basic salaries are paid.

I want to know about the interview screening in detail.

Chiefs of related departments and working-level officials take part in interviews to assess interviewees’ job fitness and capacities.

How can I make an application?

You can submit an application through the company employment site.

When should I submit papers necessary for employment?

Your resume and letter of self-introduction that are necessary for paper screening and interviews are submitted through on-line application, so you don’t have to submit them separately.

If the company finally determines to hire you, we will let you know about other necessary documents individually.

Can persons who were rejected by the company make applications again?

There are no disadvantages or drawbacks or restrictions associated with past applications and such persons can apply if they have the right qualifications for positions to which they want to apply.


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